Uniformed Military Service

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From 2000 through 2008, I served in the world's greatest United States Marine Corps enlisting as a Private First Class (PFC) and resigning as a Captain.  I was stationed around the globe working in military communications, intelligence systems, and system acquisitions.

Here are just a few of the things that  I accomplished during this time:

Communication Officer
  • Led a highly technical team of 30 Marines and contractors during test and evaluation of the EFV Command and Personnel variant prototype vehicles including reliability testing, developmental testing, and preparation for operational testing. 
  • Performed systems integration of communications assets as a developmental test engineer with the Marine Corps’ Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) acquisition program. 
  • Performed Information Assurance duties responsible for managing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information on a network enclave as well as provided guidance to engineers during the development of a future amphibious communication platform. 
  • Polished presentation skills during daily briefs to senior military officials on communication test and evaluation projects as well as Information Technology matters. 
  • Contributed to the writing of technical reports evaluating incremental modification test kits for engineering proposals and Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) reports. 
  • Evaluated an Engineering Change proposal to integrate the Dagger GPS system into the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV). 
  • Provided liaison with Security Managers in two separate organizations ensuring test branch personnel are properly cleared to work on classified equipment and networks. 
  • Stood up a formal Information Technology department and coached IT personnel in development of internal processes and equipment accountability. 
  • Revised IT data backup procedures to include offsite storage of mission critical data. 
  • Responsible for equipment and materials in excess of $20 million. 
Intelligence Systems Officer
  • Led platoon and company sized organizations ranging from 30 to 250 Marines including signals intelligence, communication electronic maintenance, ground-sensor infantry, and administrative specialties. 
  • Designed and implemented classified communication architectures for the intelligence community during several exercises in the Pacific Theater. 
  • Meticulously architected, coordinated implementation, and managed operations of a military communication plan consisting of 8 physically distinct data networks, 42 POTS and VOIP telephones, satellite and terrestrial com-links, and general administrative support to 150 military intelligence users. 
  • Increased classified network bandwidth throughput by 50% by coordinating an upgrade project. 
  • Supervised the acquiring and installation of an intelligence big data tool that integrates several intelligence sources into one central repository. 
  • Coordinated and supervised Okinawa’s first ever integration of two intelligence communication systems, Joint Mobile Integrated Communications System and Defense Intelligence Agency Integrated ViaSat Network, resulting in increased functionality and reliability. 
  • Coordinated a network transition to the Navy and Marine Corps Intranet involving 85 end-points and over 185 users with zero reported incidents of lost data or functionality. 
  • Performed Information Assurance duties responsible for managing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, developing policy and guidelines, and training well over 250 users on current threat intelligence and proper use of the systems. 
  • Tracked and assisted Program of Record project managers with obtaining Approval to Operate (ATO) and Approval to Connect (ATC) systems to the Marine Corps Base Japan infrastructure. 
  • Ensured accountability, maintenance, and operational condition of over $500,000 in military equipment. 

What others had to say:

“Tremendous potential.” 
    – Col B.K. Buckles 

"1stLt Furton performed superbly in the detailed planning of C4I test events that are critical to the validation of the EFV Net Ready Key Performance Parameter."
   -Brigadier General Brogan

“1stLt Furton’s consistent desire for self-improvement through training in the field of information security directly resulted in improved planning for C4I systems onboard the EFV and within the EFV facilities network.”
   -Brigadier General Brogan

“1stLt Furton was instrumental in effectively testing the command and control capabilities of the next generation amphibious assault vehicles contributing to the Marine Corps overall forcible entry capability.”
   -Brigadier General Brogan

“[1stLt Furton’s] enthusiasm for complex challenges and his dedication to the Marine Corps were an ideal combination for work in support of the EFV information assurance accreditation activities.”
   –Major M.J. Pfeffer

“1stLt Furton brings the right mix of experience, initiative, and enthusiasm to identify and solve the complex communications issues with the EFV.”
   – Col B.K. Buckles 

“As a devoted and ‘can-do’ officer, his perseverance has earned him the deserved reputation as a young officer who can accomplish any mission”
   –Colonel Baker

“1stLt Furton's understanding of … communication systems and architectures as well as his ability to lead the Marines under his charge made [him] an integral member of the 3rd Intelligence Battalion”
   –Colonel Baker

“1stLt Furton successfully planned an extremely complex communication architecture that encompassed multiple communication battalions and strategic level assets to include an accurate time-phased deployment plan that supports the Commanding General’s concept intelligence support with both personnel and equipment.”
   –Colonel Baker

“1stLt Furton is a polished briefer who excels at and is extremely well appreciated in the deliberate planning and operational planning team (OPT) environment.”
   –Colonel Baker

“1stLt Furton intelligence communication plan for operations on the Korean peninsula has become known as the “Furton Plan” due to the professionalism and thoroughness of 1stLt Furton’s accomplishment and has been briefed to senior Theater leadership both active and retired.”
   –Colonel Baker

“1stLt Furton served as the lead communication planner for Combined Support Force 536 where his leadership and technical acumen aided immeasurably during Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief efforts while supporting the areas of Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. In less than 24hrs, 1stLt Furton engineered the largest intelligence command and control architectures in the South East Asia area of operation since Vietnam.”
   –Colonel Baker

“Whether toiling long hours far from the spotlight or leading an effort favored with well-deserved recognition, 1stLt Furton has faced and overcome every challenge with distinction.”
   –Colonel Baker

“1stLt Furton’s professional reputation as dynamic leader, subject matter expert, and experienced communicator made him a highly sought-after officer in 3rd Intelligence Battalion.”
   –Colonel Baker

“Keen intellect enables 1stLt Furton to anticipate problems and implement long-term solutions.”
   – Major W. Wilburn